How many years of college to be a physical therapist

How many years of college to be a physical therapist,  · hi i am a senior in high school and i am interested in being a physical therapist i am just curious on how many years of college would i have to go.

Typically it takes six years of college work (4 years of undergraduate and 3 yrs of graduate work) to obtain a dpt (doctor of physical therapy) the minimum educational requirement at present is a master's degree for entry into the field. How can the answer be improved.

Physical therapy can be a very rewarding career, as it involves improving the overall quality of life for patients.

As of 2014, there were 228 physical therapy programs accredited by the commission on accreditation in physical therapy education (capte), most of which last three years it is usually necessary to apply for dpt programs through the physical therapist centralized application service (ptcas. Earning a doctorate often takes between four and eight years of study beyond an undergraduate degree master's in psychology in some states, individuals with a master's degree can become licensed psychologists.

Doctor of physical therapy degree a doctor of physical therapy degree program, which includes a combination of classroom study and a.

The simplest answer is 7 years at least a degree for doctor of physical therapy(dpt) with valid license to practice is required in all states of america.

How many years of college to be a physical therapist
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